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5 tips for managing anxiety


Given the current time with COVID-19, it can be difficult to control your anxiety. Some people lose their jobs, others have financial problems, others are affected by this virus while many go through the grief of their loved ones. The future is uncertain and can look terrifying with everything the media projects. We must be confined, our routines are disrupted, precautions and hygiene are the priority, in short, everything is shaken. 

Having been through so many traumatic things in my life, I know that sometimes anxiety can take over us. Whether it's big or small, what matters is what it means to you. 

So I decided to share with you the tips and tricks that I have discovered over the years that have greatly helped me to lower my anxiety levels. These tools are now essential in order to ensure the aspiration of my best self. 

Know that I share with you my experience and my pure and healthy life. I am by no means a health professional. If you have an anxiety disorder, uncontrollable symptoms or the like, do not hesitate to see your doctor or health care professional as soon as possible. Anxiety is not to be taken lightly. 

So, let's start with the 5 tips I have for you to manage anxiety well. 

The first trick is


What is that? It is a very simple method that helps get your body back to breathe well.

During the day, we control everything. Our food, our sport, screens, cleaning EXCEPT our breathing. Indeed, we take it for granted. However, breathing is an essential need to properly manage your anxiety. When we are not in control of our breathing, our body breathes on its own. When we are anxious, our body intuitively breathes faster. This is why it is important to practice our breathing so that it is more constant, calm and regular. 

I call this method the 4 - 1 - 4. It involves taking a 4 second inhale, 1 second hold, and a 4 second exhale. Take the time to control our breathing, reconnect, come back to the vital sources of life. What I do now: Every morning and every evening, when I wake up and before going to bed, I do 4 - 1 - 4 for 2-3 minutes. The benefits of this practice are not seen until 1-2 weeks later. We feel calmer, more relaxed, more resourced. 

Try it, you will see.

The second now,


From a very young age, we have experienced a mindfulness experience without ever realizing it: Winnie the Pooh! What is Winnie doing on the train? I challenge you to check out this scene in my YouTube video: MK BERNIER, 5 tips for dealing with anxiety. 

Name your senses: name what you touch, name what you see, name what you smell, name what you taste. The basics of life, energy. Why do you think a candle is so calming? Because when we smell and see a candle, two senses are named. With this tool, we realize that even if our anxiety rate increases that we are safe because we see and smell. 

Every day of our life, we use our senses several times without ever realizing it. When we experience trauma, no matter how small, our nerve cells get activated. Our body and head become more anxious. Automatically, anxiety brings us back to basics because our bodies and heads are weaker. We need to bring our attention back to our senses, to regain consciousness, this is what mindfulness allows. See it in a welcoming and peaceful way. We are safe. No doubt, no fear, no anticipation. This is how we are stronger and our cells regenerate.

Go outside, smell the fresh air, name the clouds, name what you see. Powerful hen? Do like Winnie the Pooh, the hero. 

The third,


An organized life is a rested head. In this quarantine, now is the time to do what we always wanted to do. File papers, sort laundry, clean your wardrobe, organize your agenda, organize your lifestyle, try to create new healthy habits, do what makes you happy! 

Organize your thoughts as well. If you are anxious, grab that attention, realize it, close that drawer and give yourself a time slot for the next time you are going to be worried about this thought / thoughts. Do other things, change your mind. In this way, you will condition your body to think when you want to and not to let it have negative power over you.

Besides being organized, take the time to have moments of mindfulness seeing all the senses and the abundance in which you live! 

And then, by being organized, you can relax, you feel more calm and relaxed. We're ready, that's clear, we just think of the present.

Finally the fourth,


For me, visualization is essential in order to aspire to the best version of myself. Visualize our desires, have ambition, have a game plan. Visualization integrates everything. As much compassion for oneself, as a view of training. We idealize our day, by being realistic, while structuring our schedule. 

I also really like integrating manifestation with visualization. For me, manifestation is a positive affirmation of the present. We must not forget that our brain is like a magnet, what it thinks it attracts. If you get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and the first thought that comes to mind is: "mondoux, I am a dombin in duvet this morning", how can you have a beautiful, calm and positive life? Rather, name the things you like following this bad thought: “Waw! I have beautiful light eyes dombin "," Waw I have dombin beautiful little pixie ears. Or "Waw, I have beautiful silky hair." Automatically, you will attract good, positive. It’s the law of attraction!

Here is a list of positive statements to say: 

I feel healthy

I love myself

I feel confident

I trust life

I have the power to manifest what I want

I dream, I believe, I attract

I heal day by day

I am overwhelmed with joy

Money comes to me in many ways and in many amounts

Do not hesitate to go to Google for several positive affirmations that will help you compose your reality. 

Finally, the fifth and not the least: GRATITUDE

Gratitude is another extremely important element in lowering your anxiety levels. Gratitude is being thankful for everything you have on this earth in every way you can imagine. Connect to sources once more. 

We have a thousand and one things to be thankful for. Unfortunately, our thoughts take hold far too often. We forget everything around us and how abundant we are. We forget to thank the universe for our situation, our being, and believe it or not, you have a ton of things to be thankful for, just be aware. 

If you have two arms, two hands, two legs, your whole head, friends, family, a roof, food, a variety of foods, you have everything you need and are safe. Be grateful. Never forget it. 


I hope these tips give you some tools to better manage your anxiety in the future. Know that every little thing, no matter how small, is good for getting to your best version. Never forget that no matter what you face, no matter what it takes, go ahead, take it and get better. It's you against you.

Write to us if you try any of these tips, share your experience with us! It will be my pleasure to read you. 

See you next time.

Megan Bernier 



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